Lorraine Hedtke

Lorraine has taught hundreds of professionals around the world about this new and exciting approach to grief psychology. Her professional articles have appeared in numerous journals and newspapers. (Many of them can be found here.)


Her work represents a departure from conventional ways in which death and grief are thought of. Her teaching and writing embodies innovative theory in practical applications about  "re-membering conversations".  This relational way of thinking about grief suggests that our stories potentially transcend our physical limitations as living points of strength, resource and love.

"Remembering Practices sprang from a synthesis of my professional training as a family therapist, my professional focus with death, dying and bereavement, a strong allegiance to socially constructed and narrative practices, and my personal experiences with death."


In addition to her writing and speaking about death, dying and grief psychology, Lorraine works at California State University San Bernardino, in the College of Education. She is both a faculty member, teaching counseling practice, and coordinates the graduate program in educational counseling and guidance. More information about the CSUSB program.

Lorraine completed her doctoral dissertation through the Taos/Tilburg PhD Program in the Social Sciences, a collaborative partnership between the Taos Institute and Tilburg University. Her topic, Folding Memories in Conversation: Remembering Practices in Bereavement Groups, is a qualitative study investigating how conversations of death and grief are affected by participation in a narratively informed support group setting.

For more information about the Taos Institute - Tilburg University PhD program and for links to Lorraine's dissertation, visit their website.


Lorraine being presented her Doctoral Diploma by her advisor, Dr. Ken Gergen following her defense at Tilburg University. Lorraine's father Dr. Charles Hedtke acted as a paranymph for the presentation.

Comments about Lorraine's Work

"Dr. Hedtke is very positive and a great team member with strong organizational skills for any faculty position has a component of leadership and coordination responsibilities. Her easy warmth, compassion. professionalism and reliability just make her a joy to work with." -Walter H. Bera, PhD, LP, LMFT, LADC

"As the Director of the Dulwhich Centre, we have invited Lorraine to teach at many of our international conferences and events. She is very well-received... we get only positive feedback on her teaching, regardless of whether she is presenting to small groups of people, to larger audiences, or in keynote presentations. We've come to rely on Lorraine for her ability to connect well, respond and inspire workshop participants. Regardless of the group size, what I've seen is her warm, engaging, an genuine appreciation of the people to whom she is teaching... There is also a very special gift that Lorraine brings... Lorraine is not afraid of pain, she is able to sit with people's anguish, hear their stories, and still move on to a skillful approach addressing the issues and walking with the person to some resolution. As a part of an international training centre, I know this ability is rare." -Cheryl White, Director of the Dulwich Centre

"Lorraine flows easily between sharing profound work and engaging students around hard and demanding topics, through to bringing a clarity of explanation, a well-structured and highly professional teaching style. Lorraine is a practitioner, and this shows. She has a unique ability to move from theory to practice and back again...She can share examples where she has worked with individuals, couples, families or groups. It's a great asset to be well-read and familiar with a range of theoretical approaches and to be able to discuss tis easily and still be able to relate it back to practice."

"Dr. Hedtke is a favored instructor. She has a deep knowledge of instruction, learning and assessing value added. Her instruction is most creative and unique. She holds precious the wisdom that students bring to the classroom. One strength of her teaching is the integral link of praxis; the real world application of knowledge, skills and dispositions. Lorraine's analytical and evaluation (instructor, student, program, etc.) skills are outstanding. What she imparts to students is at the cutting edge and she has a firm grasp of narrative and postmodern ideas. She is considered by many to be a leader in this field having published countless articles and often lectures on this topic. -Sue Brotherton, Ph.D., Professor, Educational Counseling and Guidance at California State University San Bernardino