In addition to individual consultation, we offer support groups for people experiencing grief. The support group is a part of a six or eight week series for people like yourself, who are trying to make sense of the way in which their lives have changed. The groups usually meet on a weekly basis in Redlands, California, which is approximately seventy miles east of Los Angeles, to provide people with a positive structure to construct when their lives feel turned upside down.


Groups can stand against the isolating effects that sometimes accompany death and grief. Many people report a sense of feeling empty or lost after their loved one dies. It is not uncommon to feel like nothing fits together in the same way after a person you love has died. Support groups provide a semi-structured format to find a way during change that both honors experiences and acknowledges the many important aspects of the relationship between the grieving person and the person who has died.


Whether in a group or individual conversation, we are particularly interested in stories that are comforting, sustaining, and helpful at times of change.