The Fabula Center, provides a variety of services to those who are living with grief and to professionals who work with those who are dying or grieving.

Consultation – private conversations with people who are living with grief to help find meaning and solace at a time of great change.

Training – Learning new ways to think about death and grief can be both exciting and challenging. Participating in intensive three-day or five-day training blocks can become a foundation for new directions in your practice.

Conferences and presentations – Lorraine is available to present both workshops and presentations at conferences around the world. Contact her directly to arrange speaking opportunities.

Supervision - For clinicians all over the world. Supervision can improve your counseling skills while expanding thinking to more effectively address the needs of your clients. Supervision sessions can either stand alone or be added to build upon training sessions. This can help support and hone your counseling skills, enhancing new ideas and practice skills. Supervision can be provided in Redlands or via Skype.

Groups - At The Fabula Center, we specialize in concerns and grief following the death of a loved one. Groups usually run for six or eight weeks and often meet on a weekly basis. The narrative approach used affirms a connection between the living and the deceased, while upholding stories of love and strength as an avenue to build a hopeful path forward.

Comments About the Center's Services


"Lorraine has a beautiful presence. She kind and well spoken, thoughtful and informative. She helped me become more confident as a practitioner, but also about my own experiences with grief."

"One of the most helpful things I learned while working with Lorraine was that everyone grieves differently. Remembering practices and the narrative approach is not a "one solution fits all", every person is able to experience support and guidance through their grieving process, by not being limited by generic grieving solutions."

"This new approach to helping people with grief will help me enormously in the work that I do. This was a wonderful experience and I am very thankful it was possible to work with such a gifted, talented, wonderful presenter as Lorraine. "you are wonderful"- It was a great pleasure to work with Lorraine."


"Lorraine is very well tuned in to participants reactions and interests. This is uncommon, and a gift to work with someone who is able to connect so well with her audience. Lorraine has an obvious comfort with presenting and is extremely knowledgeable which is engaging and motivating."

"During the training I appreciated Lorraine's use of narrative approach- allowing participants to be a part of determining the flow and direction of our conversations."

"I've been to several workshops on how to help people with grief and took nothing away from them. During the workshops Lorraine said the phrase, "you have to feel it [grief] and go through it", one cannot simply ignore death or ignore grief. This approach is the opposite of every workshops I have attended in the past, and by far the best approach to grief."

"As a practicing psychologist, Lorraine's approach to grief helped me realize all practitioners need to have their clients open up rather than shutting them down and closing them off. It creates a mutual connection where both of you heal in the process."


"I am the founder and director of the Kenwood Therapy Center and Narrative Books North America as well as the founder of counseling and family therapy programs at two major Minneapolis universities. In those roles, I have been honored to know of Dr. Hedtke's clinical work intimately for years and can attest to her high standing and regard in the national and international community as a leader in the field of narrative therapy. While she is accomplished teacher and writer in the entire area of counseling and narrative therapy, she has made extraordinary contributions in innovative and liberating ideas and practices for addressing the areas of death and dying."

"Dr. Hedtke's vita reflects that she has considerable experience teaching counseling and counseling theory in general and is very well qualified to teach graduate students. And she has a proven track record of publications and research and is well respected in international circles for her cutting edge ideas and teaching."